We are an Independent Sales Organization that supplies top quality OSCAM Set-Top boxes and Middleware.we are Genuine, Reliable and stable OSCAM provider offering full OSCAM channels..
OSCam means Open Source Conditional Access Modul and is a non-profit community work of many developers.actualy OSCAM is the best emu.
actually OSCAM is the best EMU, stable, open source, regular update,...more .
OSCAM is compatible the all ENIGMA2 receiver like Dreambox, Vu+, ZGEMMA, Octagon,...you can contact support for more informations
The choice of the image depends on the tastes and colors but also of how are organized the menus and submenus and some built-in features on some images and not others that will appeal or not, the images we recommend are BLACKHOLE, VTI, OpenATV, OpenPLi
For installation and configuration of your subscription our technical support will help you with tutorial or remotely via ULTRAVIEWER to install and configure your subscription.
For payment of your subscription we only accept payment via Transfer Bank, PAYPAL, BITCOIN, WESTERN UNION.
You receive your subscription once the payment is made,we do our best to not keep you waiting too long, but sometimes this can take some hours!.
Yes..! OSCAM works internationally as soon as you have an internet connection with satellite.
Yes you will need satellite dish with one of these:

ASTRA 19.2e
ASTRA 23.0e
THOR 0.8w
As soon you place an order automatically you receive an email containing the instructions of how to set up your package, most of the time within few minutes you have all the info you need, however please allow us up to 5-15 min, sometimes we get overloaded with server support, customers and orders.
the minimum is 4Mbps, we recommended 10Mbps or fibre channel.
EPG function is available on our OSCAM, Recording function is also available now..
Sorry, this is not allowed, an account is only working for 1 device, if you have 3 devices, please purchase 3 accounts..
Yes OSCAM and our server support FCC -Fast Channel Change - on BlackHole and VTi image.
Yes OSCAM support double, triple tuner in the same receiver.